Work Health Safety (WHS)

Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd (JSA) has developed a number of support and assistance porgrams to make the burdon of compliance of Work Health & Safety (WHS) legistaion and Human Resouce Management.

JSA's business model is designed to allow cost effective training to both large and small groups throughout Australia, with particular attention to providing training in regional and remote areas.

JSA can provide training in all areas of WHS such as:-

- Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Training

- Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Refresher Training

- Committee Training

- Incident Investigation Training

- Workplace Inspection Training

- Manual Handling Training

- WHS Compliance for Managers & Supervisors Training

- Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Training

Human Resource Management (HR)

Managing and maintaining staff productivity and moral is a major issue for organisations of all sizes, our experienced team can offer support and assistance in all areas of HR.

Specialising in:-

- Conflict and Dispute resoultion between staff and or management

- Mediation and Motivation

- Team Buiding

- Staffing issues

- Interviewing

- Industrial relations laws

- Morale Building