Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd

Environment Policy

Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd is committed to environmental responsibility, its management, employees and representatives regard protection of the environment to be an important aspect of our operations and a necessary element of good corporate citizenship.

Our environmental objectives are to:

- Educate and promote an organisational culture of environmental awareness - Comply with and exceed the level of environmental performance required by all relevant federal, sate and local government statues, policies and environmental planning requirements.

- Establish and maintain environmental responsible waste management and waste disposal practices. - Store all materials in a manner that reduces their potential release into the atmosphere, soil or water.

- Establish procedures for the safe containment of hazardous materials and for appropriate action in the event of spillages.

- Reduce the potential for environmental harm in emergency situations by responding effectively to emergencies using trained personnel and established emergency plans.

- Ensure an ongoing review of work practices and equipment to minimise energy use and reduce waste.

- Ensure that suppliers conform to relevant requirements of our Environmental Policy.

- Promote the adoption of sound environmental management.

- Minimise adverse environmental impacts by enhancing strategies that focus on:-

- Effective procurement including whole of life cycle assessment

- Effective and efficient energy management

- Effective and efficient paper usage and paper waste management

- Effective water conservation measures

- Minimise wherever possible the use of paper by:-

- Eliminating the use of paper in all documents including invoices sent to clients or received from suppliers.

- Eliminating the use of paper for all inter office communication and record keeping.

- Eliminating all unnecessary pages to ensure the use of paper is kept to a minimum when producing participant workbooks.

Management will provide the resources required in achieving effective environmental management so as to give both our customers and the general community an assurance of sound environmental performance through responsible and informed work practices and decision-making.

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