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Registration Terms and Conditions

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JSA - Registration Terms

1. General

1.1. Job Safety Assistance Pty Ltd (JSA) reserves the right to make changes to these Registration Terms & Conditions (RTC) as and when required without notice to you;

1.2. "JSA" its employees and/or representatives disclaim any liability, convoluted or contractual for any financial losses or damage that may result from :-

a) any contraventions of the "RTC" by any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), participant/s or person completing the registration form; or

b) any changes to the “RTC” that may be made by "JSA";

1.3. It is the responsibility of the person/s registering to ensure they have read and understand all of the “RTC”;

1.4. Our "terms of use policy, refunds policy and privacy policies " should be read in conjunction with "RTC" and can be found by following the appropriate link at the bottom of each page;

1.5. "JSA" reserves the right to retain all fees paid as compensation for any contraventions of the "RTC"

1.6. The person/s completing the registration form grant "JSA" permission to collect and retain the personal information entered into the registration form inline with our privacy policy;

1.7. Participants may be ejected from the training and/or refused entry for:-

a) using aggressive or inappropriate language and/or behaviour towards either “JSA” staff, other participants or venue staff and/or;

b) dress in an inappropriate manner and/or;

c) have unsuitable footwear;

1.8. Participants ejected from the training on any day or part of a day and/or refused entry or re entry by the trainer will be in contravention of the "RTC";

1.9 Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch are not provided by "JSA" at any time and are the responsiblity of the participants;

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2. Registrations

2.1. Registration will only be accepted if made by completeing our online registration form, no registrations will be accepted by email or phone;

2.2. The person/s completing the registration confirm that they :-

a) have the authority to authorise payment for each participant listed on the completed registration form and accept the “RTC” ,and ;

b) understandand that the program has been approved by Comcare for delivery to participants under the Commonwealth Jurisdiction;

2.3. A provisional confirmation email will be issued within (5) five business days of receiving the completed registration form;

2.4. Confirmation of registration will not be issued until payment has been made in full;

2.5. It is the responsibility of the participant and or the person/s completing the registration to review the confirmation email and if no confirmation is received to contact "JSA" to obtain course location details;

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3. Payment of Couse Fees

3.1. A tax invoice will be issued to the accounts payable email address listed on the registration form and must be paid prior to the course start date;

3.2. Invoices can be paid by any of the major credit cards or eft and are due and payable within 7 days of the invoice date;

3.3. If the invoice due date is less than 7 days prior to the couse start date immediate payment will be required;

3.4. "JSA" reserves the right to charge a surcharge on all credit cards if deemed necessary, any surcharge will be listed on the tax invoice;

3.5. Participants will be denied admission to the course if payment of all course fees have not been made;

3.6. Non payment of course fees will be treated as a contravention of the"RTC";

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4. Cancellations

4.1. Cancellations by "JSA"

4.1.1. "JSA" reserves the right to cancel any course if there are insufficient participant numbers and/or for circumstances beyond our control;

4.1.2. Should "JSA" cancel a course all registered participants will be advised by an email and all course fees paid will be refunded and/or any outstanding invoice made null and void;

4.1.4. "JSA" its employees and/or representatives disclaim any liability, convoluted or contractual for any financial losses that may result from "JSA" cancelling a course;

4.2. Cancellations by Participant/s and/or PCBU

4.2.1. Cancellations of registration must be made by email a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the course commencement date, failure to do so is a contravention of the "RTC"

4.2.2. It is the responsibility of the person and/or participants cancelling the registration to confirm the cancellation with "JSA" prior to the course date;

4.2.3. As per "JSA" "Refunds Policy" cancellations that :-

a) comply with "RTC" can be made free of charge and all fees paid refunded and/or any outstanding invoices made null and void;

b) are in contravention with "RTC" will have all fees paid retained by "JSA" and/or any outstanding invoices remain due and payable in full.

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5. Failure to Attend

5.1. Participants failing to attend on the commencement date or any day or part day of the course without notifying "JSA" in writting and/or covered under "section 6.3" will be treated as a contravention of the"RTC";

5.2. Participants that are unable to attend any day or part day of the course after obtaining approval from "JSA" may as per the regulators requirements complete the missing day or part day within six (6) months;

5.3. Participants failing to complete the training within (6) months as per point 4.2 above must attend the full program again, before being eligible for a certificate;

5.4. Participants attending a make up day/s as per point 4.2 above will be charged a fee of $120.00 plus GST per day

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6. Postponement

6.1 Postponement by Participant

6.1.1. A request for postponement by any participant must be made in writing (30) thirty business days prior to the course commencement date, failure to do so is a contravention of the "RTC";

6.1.2. "JSA" at its discretion and on receipt of the appropriate written request may allow a postponement of attendance for a course and allow attendance at the next available course subject to availability;

6.1.3. A postponement may be requested as a result of meeting the conditions set out in section 7.2 below;

6.1.4. All fees paid will be retained and a additional fee equal to 25% plus GST of the course fee will be charged in addition to any fees already paid to cover expenses previously incurred by "JSA";

6.1.5. The administration fee must be paid prior to attending the next course, failure to pay this fee will be deemed a contravention of the " RTC";

6.1.6. No guarantee is given of availability at any upcoming course or that the course will be held within the next (3) three months;

6.1.7. Should the course not be able to be scheduled within (3) three months or attendance by the participant is unavailable at the time of the resechuled course, it will be deemed a contravention of the " RTC";

6.2 Postponment by "JSA"

6.2.1. "JSA" reserves the right to postpone and reschedule any course if there are insufficient participant numbers or circumstances beyound our control;

6.2.2. Should "JSA" postpone a course all registered participants will be advised by an email;

6.2.3. "JSA" will do everything reasonably possible to reschedule a course to a date that is mutually convenient to all participants registered;

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7. Refunds

7.1.1. All requests made by aprticipants for refund must be made in writing;

7.1.2. Request for refund based on " section 7.3" blow should be made as soon as possible;

7.1.3. On granting a refund an email will be sent to the address entered on the registration form listing the refund amount;

7.1.4. Any refund due will be processed within 10 business days of granting the request and will be credited into the bank account or credit card that the course fees were paid;

7.1.5. No refunds will be paid in cash or by cheque;

7.1.6. Should a course be postponed by "JSA" as per "section 6.2" of the "RTC" and the reschedule course date or dates are not suitable to the participants registered all fees paid will be refunded;

7.1.7. Refunds will not be made if there have been any contravention/s of the "RTC" by either the participant/s and/or the authorised person completing the regsistration form;

7.1.8. If as per section 6.2 "JSA" has postponed a program and a mutually acceptable date can't be found a refund will be made for course fees paid by any registered participant effected;

7.2. Special Consideration

7.2.1. Special consideration may be given to any refund request regardless of other provisions set out within the "terms";

7.2.2. A total or partial refund may be granted subject to sepcial consideration, which may include but are not limited to :-

a) Serious illness or disability to a participant which prevents them from attending on the day or subsequent days of a course;

b) Serious illness or disability of a parent, sibling, spouse or child which prevents a participant from attending on the day or subsequent days of a course;

c) Inability to attend due to death of a participant or a member of their immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse or child) leading upto the commencement of the course;

d) Political or civil unrest or natural disaster;

7.2.3. Any expenses incurred by "JSA" including but not limited to travel, wages, training materials and venue deposit/s will be deducted from any refund or partial refund given as a result of meeting the conditions of section 7.2.

7.2.4. If as postponement is requested as a result of meeting the conditions of 7.2 any such postponement will be exempt from sub section 6.1.1 & 6.1.2, all other sections of the "RTC" remain applicable.

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8. Certificates

8.1. Certificates will be issued within (10) days of completing a course subject to point 2.7 above;

8.2. All certificates are issued as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and :-

a) in the case of group bookings, will be emailed to the contact person on the registration form for distribution;

b) where an individual participant has booked, to the email address entered on the course attendance form;

8.3. It is the responsibility of the person completing the registration to ensure the spelling of each participant/s name is correct;

8.4. A fee of $25.00 plus $2.50 will be charged for reproducing certificates if the participants name is incorrectly entered on the registration;

8.5. Information collected by our registration and sign on forms along with all HSR records are kept for seven (7) years as per the regulators requirements and replacement certificates can be requested during this period "point 7.4" applies to all replacement certificates;

8.6. All replacement certificates will be identified as a replacement and include the date that the replacement certificate was issued.

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9. Venues

9.1. Supplied by "JSA"

9.1.1. Venues must comply with the WHS Managing the Work Environment and Facilities Code of Practice 2015 including but not limited to having:-

a) safe access and egress; and

b) access to first aid equipment; and

c) adequate emergency evacuation procedures are in place; and

e) adequate and clean facilities including:-

i) toilets;

ii) meal areas;

iii) drinking water; and

f) suitable heating, cooling and ventilation; and

g) adequate tables and chairs; and

h) suitable lighting; and

i) VGA/HDMI connections available if requested; and

j) facilities that are conducive to adult learning; and

k) an environment that is free of distractions, interruptions and enabling privacy to allow free and open discussion by participants;

9.1.2. "JSA's" venue inspection checklist will be used to ensure compliance prior to commencing the training.

9.1.3. "JSA" will decide the venue to be used for public course and will be based on participant numbers and location;

9.1.4. "JSA" reserves the right to relocate any public course to a venue that is more suitable to the course;

9.1.5. Any relocation of venue will be notified to each participant by email prior to the course commencement date;

9.1.6. Car parking for participants is not provided by "JSA" and is available in public parking areas or parking areas provided by the venue;

9.1.7. "JSA" has no vested interest in any venue used for training and as such has no control over parking terms and conditions;

9.1.8. Participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the venue including all WHS policies and procedures;

9.1.9. Participants agree to follow all lawful directions given during an emergency and to become familiar with evacuation plans located in the venue;

9.1.10. "JSA" its employees and/or representatives disclaim any liability, convoluted or contractual for any financial losses or damage that may result from participants:-

d) not securing personal items while at the training venue;

e) not complying with venue policies and procedure or conducting any unlawful act;

f) parking either within an area provided by the venue or in any public area;

g) relocating to another venue;

9.2 Venue supplied by a "PCBU" other than "JSA"

9.2.1 Venues supplied by a "PCBU" other then "JSA" are to comply with section 9.1.1 above.

9.2.1. The supplied venue will be inspected by "JSA" prior to the commencement as per sub section 9.1.2 above;

9.2.2. The completed checklist used will be kept on file by "JSA" as per regulator requirements and be made available to the client if requested;

9.2.3. A venue not complying 9.1.1 above will be deemed unsuitable and will not be used;

9.2.4. If a suitable venue is not able to be provided by the "PCBU" on the day in a timely manner "JSA" reserves the right to :-

a) postpone the program to a date and time that is convenient to both parties; or

b) relocate to a venue off site that does comply with section 9.1.1 above; or

c) if a venue off site is not available and an alternative date and time is not convenient to both parties this would be deemed a contravention of the "RTC" and result in cancellation of the program;

9.2.5. If it becomes necessary to delay the program and or relocate to a venue off site the "PCBU" will :-

a) be financial responsibility for finding and providing a suitable venue; and

b) pay "JSA" for all costs incurred as a result of delaying the program including any additional travel and accommodation costs;

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