Human Resources (HR) Consultation Services

When problems arise between employees or with individual employees, we can assist in identifying options including having one to one or group discussions to help resolve all workplace issues or preparing guidelines to follow

We are able to provide support and assistance to individuals and organisations to implement policy's and procedures to ensure compliance with legislation.

Our support and assistance programs can be tailored to suit your industries and organisations requirements.

For detailed information on these or any of the services provided please contact us either by completing our online form or if preferred by phone.

  • Assisting with counseling

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Performance Management

  • Attendance at interviews to give feedback on body language and eye movements that indicate truth or untruths in answers

  • Employee Climate Survey within an Organisation

  • Interview assistance

  • Mediation and dispute resolution

  • Pre employment testing to identify suitability to a particular job

  • Redundancy assistance - discussions with staff to aid in finding new employment and assistance with coping mechanisms