Refunds Policy

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1. Refund Procedure

1.1. All requests made by aprticipants for refund must be made in writing;

1.2. Request for refund based on " section 4" blow should be made as soon as possible;

1.3. On granting a refund an email will be sent to the address entered on the registration form listing the refund amount;

1.4. Any refund due will be processed within 10 business days of granting the request and will be credited into the bank account or credit card that the course fees were paid;

1.5. No refunds will be paid in cash or by cheque;

2. Eligibility for Refunds

2.1. If a course has been postponed by "JSA" as per "section 6" of the "registration terms and conditions" ("the terms") and the reschedule course date or dates are not suitable to the participants registered all fees paid will be refunded;

2.2. To be eligible for a refund a request not based on "section 4" must comply with "the terms";

2.3. A request for a refund based on "section 4" will be granted if the request meets "the terms";

4. Special Consideration

4.1. Special consideration may be given to any refund request regardless of other provisions set out within the "terms";

4.2. A total or partial refund may be granted subject to sepcial consideration, which may include but are not limited to :-

4.2.1. Serious illness or disabilityto a participant which prevents a them from attending on the day or subsequent days of a course;

4.2.2. Serious illness or disability of a parent, sibling, spouse or child which prevents a participant from attending on the day or subsequent days of a course;

4.2.3. Inability to attend due to death of a participant or a member of their immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse or child) leading upto the commencement of the course;

4.2.4 Political or civil unrest or natural disaster;

5. Non eligible for refund
5.1. Participants who are not eligable as per "section 4";

5.2. Failure to comply with "the terms";

5.3. Participants considered to be in contravnetion of "the terms"; 

5.2. Withdrawing from a course after the commencement date due to personal issues;

5.3. Withdrawing from a course after the commencement date due to work committment.

6. Forfeit of Fees
6.1. Participants that are ejected from the training on any day or part of any day forfeit all fees paid and/or due for;

6.1.1 unexceptable behavior;

6.1.2. using excessive bad lanuage;

6.1.3. using bad lamguage in an agressive manner;

6.1.4. threatning violence to other participants or the trainer;

6.1.5. using violence towards other participants or the trainer;

6.1.6. causing intentional or avoidable delays ;

6.1.7. failing to comply with the venue policies and procedures;

6.1.8. damaging any venue property or equipment;

6.1.9. damaging "JSA" property or equipement;

6.1.10. wearing inappropriate dress or footwear;

6.2. Participants deemed to be in contravention of the "terms"

6.3. Participants refused entry for being inappropriately dressed and/or have unsuitable footwear.

6.4. Participants that fail to bring required 100 points of identification along to a NSW WorkCover accredited course will forfeit 75% their courses fees paid, the balance will be used as a deposit for the next available course.

6.5. Providing misleading information to "JSA" at any time.

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