All the testimonials listed below have been taken from participant feed back forms completed at the end of each training session, these feedback forms are available for viewing on written request.

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Marilyn's quirkiness gave what I expected to be a very boring course the brightness required to keep me engaged. Bruce & Marilyn, fantastic job!!!!

Deanna , Darwin

Had a ball presenters were so switched on knowledge of subject was beyond exceptional, Its wonderful to have fun whilst learning such an in depth subject.

Steven, Nerang, Qld

Excellent training, very enjoyable ensuring all participants were engaged. Ensured all were happy before moving on. Best training ever

Ann, Tweed Heads

Excellent training that was relevant to everday scenarios. Brilliant use of legislation from a participant who studies law. Thankyou very much

Christine, Tweed Heads

Marilyn and Bruce are the most well informed, happy trainers I have encounted. The information and presentation were extremely suited to the course audience.
Adele, Tweed Heads

A very intersting course covering a complex subject.

Robin , Darwin
Overall a good course fun learning experience and very enjoyable, will be a shame to have to go back to work.

Haden, Darwin

Great course, very informative and relevant, presenters were fantastic and encouraged partipation of students. Would recomend highly. Thankyou.

Grant , Darwin

The trainers had comprehensive knowledge of the subject and were able to make a dry topic very interesting and topical.

Michelle , Darwin

This training program was very enjoyable as it provided knowledge to improve work safe issues and should be introduced to all businesses well done. With Thanks

Kamahl , Albury

Excellent, informative training overall trainers were excellent with great personalities and very engaging with the group.

Fiona, Adelaide

This course was beautifuly delivered in an environment where one unconciously learnt due to the trainers knowledge and continual reference to the Act.

Tricha, Adelaide

One of the best training sessions I have been to, on a very involved subject.

Mark, Adelaide

I would like to personally thank Marilyn and Bruce for their insight and the ability to make such an intense program easy and interesting to understand. (I am excited to be going back to my role)

Jenny, Adelaide

An important training package turned into a fun session. I leave feeling confident in my HSR role.

Shane, Adelaide

Bruce and Marilyn, well presented and kept it fun. thanks.

Liam, Adelaide

Absolutely loved the enthusiasm, loved the stories. Who would have thought after 5 days of training I would be smiling and laughing and full of knowledge. An absoulte pleasure.

Emily, Adelaide

Excellent enthusiasm and passion for subject matter kept us entertained and awake in what could otherwise be a very arduos 5 days.

Glenn, Adelaide

A thouroghly enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

Michael, Albury

A fantastic job of making the course as interesting and memorable as possible, much appreciated.

Liona, Bandiana

Training is very relevant to workplace requirements and duties. Friendly, bubbly instructor makes heavy topic fun.

Tracy, Wagga Wagga

Very good training presentation that I would reccomend. Very good understanding and background of the topic.

Gary, Bandiana

Very well done, loved the 5 days.

Les, Wodonga

Wonderful course, apart from keeping us entertained the training information was excellant. Thankyou.

Rachel, Bandiana

Bruce and Marilyn were very impressive with their presentation and it was a great course.

Troy, Wagga Wagga

An excellent course, great learning environment, highly reccommeded.

David, Wagga Wagga

Excellenat course, Trainers new the topic Act,Regs & COP's inside out. This was evident in working through. Topic was delivered in a very interesting/fun manner. This was made very enjoyable, yet we worked hard.

Rachelle, Macksville, NSW

Fantastic 5 days awesome examples, trainers are walking encyclopaedias in work health and safety information

Jane, Gold Coast

Excellent job guys, glad to have spent a whole week with quality people.

Andy, Varsity Lakes

Excellent training on HSR, very good examples provided to assist learning and undertsanding of legislation. Would recommend.

Sandra, Tweed Heads

All team leaders or people supporting teams should do this training.

Danielle, Canberra

The trainers were fantastic, knowledgable, entertaining, entusisatic, freiendly and helful. very Useful Thanks.

Mark, Canberra

Fantastic, Pointed our some real flaws in my resume. Learnt some very interesting tactics for intervies and writting selection criteria. Thanks Marilyn & Bruce.

Michelle, Canberra

I had real concerns attending as I have a backgound in HR & recruitment, but it was a wonderful refresher and I enjoyed participating in the discussions.

Amanda, Nowra, NSW

Marilyn is a fantastic trainer very enthusiastic and knowledgable, leant a lot. Thanks

Tamara, Melbourne